Subject: Re: Qatar Airways

I was on a business trip to Doha back in January. I flew Qatar Airways from Dubai to Doha and was quite pleased. I do know they are one of the fastest growing airlines in the region and have great expansion plans to fly to Europe, Asia and the US. I had no issues with the service on the flight. I however was not seated in business class, and I do not recall them offering premier service that I could see, and if it matters, I am not sure if they serve alcohol on their flights, but I could be wrong on this.

You are right that they board all at once, and the situation does get a little confusing. You have a confirmed seat on the plane, but not an individual seat, so hang towards the front of the line because there will be a surge when boarding is called, especially on such a long flight. The Dubai airport is fantastic, but the Doha airport is much smaller with fewer frills (small number of duty free shops, but no restaurants or specialty shops) which I would describe as adequate and functional.

I would not hesitate to fly them again.

Roger Denver, CO USA