Subject: Santa Fe, NM dining opinions anyone?
Hi All:

I am headed to Santa Fe this weekend, leaving Thursday really. Been a number of times, but it has been a while. Staying at Hotel Santa Fe (comps from the museum my husband is consulting for). Feeling really happy to be going too as it my birthday weekend....wouldn't let him go off to work there without me!!

Restaurants I recall liking for dinner include Cafe Pasqual, Santacafe and Amaya (which is at the hotel). We have four nights so could do all or any of these but what might make a good place for birthday dinner...good fish, vegetarian options. For more casual, we also had a good time at the Cantina at Coyote Cafe as it is upstairs and outdoors. Good qualities. Expect good weather for us. Apparently hasn't rained there in months so not great for them. Years ago went to Farrol's on Canyon but that is not what I have in mind for special dining experience.

Any new ideas?

Thanks, Maddy Northampton, Mass