Subject: For MEG: Romantic Road in Germany
Forward by Moderator:

Many years ago I took the Romantische Strasse (the Romantic Road) through the southern part of Germany. If you don't intend traveling too close to Germany's western border (with France) you might be interested in this route. It leads you through one of Germany's most scenic landscapes and old towns, such as Rothenburg ob der Tauber. You can continue south and visit a small city called Konstanz at Lake Constance (in german and on all road signs it is named as Bodensee). From there it is merely a stone's throw to Switzerland (15 minutes) which also borders the same lake. Close to Konstanz is the island Meinau with its beautiful parks where, for reasons unknown to me, tropical plants grow (if I remember correctly).

Regards, Joachim Richter

Moderator's Note: We wrote about our visit to this area with our Ziner-friends, Cornelia and Fabio from Switzerland:,0Germany