Subject: "been there, done that, not going back!"
Hi Ziners,

Lisa, our current Ziner in the Spotlight, has done a huge amount of traveling and loved every place she's visited. But she said: been there, done that, not going back! after one unbearably hot stay in huts above the Amazon in Peru.

Although we have been far less adventurous in our travels than Lisa has been, we also once said: been there, done that, not going back! Where? The Camargue in France.

We wish we had read this before we got there: The Camargue was designated as a botanical and zoological nature reserve in 1927 and 1970, helping to maintain its natural beauty. Spring and Autumn are the best times for seeing the birds, the bulls and the horses of Camargue. Bring a bird book, binoculars and camera ... and some mosquito repellent. Frankly, we couldn't see the beauty for the mosquitoes! It was a living nightmare! We couldn't wait to leave the place and definitely will never go back!

Please share with all of us your tales about the places and experiences that invoked that negative feeling in you.

Cheers! Linda and Don Toronto